Avril Lavigne Designs A Rockstar Collection for Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Last night I attended a Sally Hansen press event at a suite at the Crosby St. Hotel in Soho to celebrate their partnership with Avril Lavigne.  We were all gathered around a table filled with new designs from Avril's Salon Effects Collection when the songstress, who looked no older than 13, walked in and hopped into a chair. She looked... very Avril, with long straight hair, raccoon black liner, a little biker leather jacket, black leggings and pair of black Converse sneakers with dirty white laces that were accented by white socks with little pink hearts on them.

"A lady came in to give me a manicure (with her Sally Hansen Salon Effects) and I just asked her if I could do it myself, because I can do it so much quicker," Lavigne explained as soon as she walked in.

Showing off her DIY mani, a sparkly pink polish with skull pattern, she pointed out her favorites in her 12 piece collection, which are "Fur-ocious Vocals," a leopard print and "You're A Star," a blue star pattern.

I'm a huge fan of the Sally Hansen Salon Effects.  If you haven't tried them yet I encourage it.  They're easy to apply and last about ten days.  Here's a post from the first time I applied them.  Lavigne says she does them on the plane and in the studio.  I do them at home and have even cheated and brought them to my manicurist!  This collection reflects her personality so if you're into grungy rock and roll, these are right up you're alley!