Are You Scandalous at the Salon?

Throughout my life and experiences investigating and reporting on the best of everything beauty, I've discovered there are two types of hair salons: those that cater to promiscuous girls and those that encourage their stylists to commit to long term relationships.  

Some of the most well known salons are guilty of turning you into a "hair whore," where bed hopping becomes chair hopping.  The experience is a constant hustle and bustle, because you're always being shuffled around between the different hands of a stylist, colorist, assistant and oh yea... don't forget about the girl who washes your hair.  These salons departmentalize because it enables them to ring the bill higher and makes you tip more (three, sometimes four different people?).  At the end of the day, you're just another number.

Then, like a successful marriage built over time on love and trust, there are the salons who value the relationships they build with their customers and the word "customer" shortly turns into "friend."  They're normally smaller and stylists don't specialize in either cut or color.  Instead, they are experts at both, allowing a full block of their time dedicated to you.  Some don't even have assistants, but if they do, they work as partners and your stylist never leaves your side.  Always looking out for your best interests, they understand not only your hair goals, but show genuine interests in who you are as well.  Ever hear of love at first cut?

Now it's your turn to dish!  Comment below and tell me what you like/dislike about going to the salon?  Are you a promiscuous girl?  It's OK, no one will judge you as long as you have fab hair!