Amp Up Your Profile Pic

How many social networking sites are you on?  From Facebook and MySpace to Twitter, LinkedIn and all of the dating sites it's important to have the appropriate type of portraits for each one that capture your true beauty. After all, with billions of people looking at your profiles every day, don't you want to look your best?  Here are some tips on how to perfect a self portrait:

  • Shoot in daylight or if you're doing this indoors, make sure you have ample lighting
  • Put a mirror behind the camera so you can see the display screen 
  • Make light your best friend.  Try different angles and use the light to alter your face

If you live in the New York area, DEX New York put together a fabulous photo package valued at $550 for only $49 to help amp up your social networking profile pics.  It includes a makeup application by one of their uber talented artists, hair styling, portraits and a tiny bit of retouching (yes, I said it, even retouching).  The special is going on now through December 23rd.  On a personal note, I recently got my head shots done there and the team did a fab job.