Allison Williams's Trainer Spills Her Workout Secrets for A Toned Upper Body

Every time I see Girls star, Allison Williams on a red carpet or making a public appearance she's showing off her best assets, her arms and upper chest.   The girl has the most flattering figure and really knows how to work it!  I strive for toned arms and a defined chest, because after all, I think the decolletage is one of the sexiest parts of a woman's body, but you need the whole package.  Could you die for arms without flab?  I spoke with Allison's NYC trainer, Reggie Chambers to find out how to achieve the look. Allison's Workout: "Our goals were to tone her upper body, and gain strength, because her days on-set are long and grueling," Chambers explained.  Their workout sessions began with boxing to release stress and get some cardio in.  "It's also great for your brain, coordination, and helps lengthen the arms," he said.  He follows up with push ups, some core work and seated rowing, which he credits to giving Allison a long, lean and strong upper-body silhouette.

Your Workout: To prevent bulking up while trying to achieve, long, lean toned arms, Chambers recommends you don't skip out on weight training all together.  Instead, "Use light weights and do a lot of reps."   No access to weights?  No problem.  "Boxing really works wonders and so do push ups, because you can do them anywhere, anytime and you utilize your own body weight," he remarks.

Mix things up so you don't get bored and stay focused.  "Staying in shape is not a trend or a fad, it is a lifestyle," Chambers concludes.