Advice from a Top Nutritionist

Last week I met with nutritionist, Dara Godfrey, and got to pick her brain.  I'm a huge foodie, but am also obsessed with working out and wellness.  It was great to sit down with Dara and get some advice not only on what to eat, but more importantly on how to eat it.  Allow me to share: "If you eat every three to four hours throughout the day it will prevent you from over eating," stated Dara.  "Unless of course, you're not hungry."

Try having three meals and two snacks in between per day. Depending on your needs (every one's different), meals can be between 350-500 calories each and snacks can be almost 200. Dara's not huge on counting calories and believes you should enjoy your food, but know your portions.  (That's why I love her!)

We're all guilty of going for a walk to get out of the office and grabbing a cup of coffee around 4pm when our bodies and minds begin to crash.  Instead, opt for an apple with peanut butter and make it your afternoon snack. The protein and carbs will wake you up and satisfy you longer.

During meals, look at your portion size.  Restaurants always over serve, so watch what you eat.  You should have no more than a fist worth of carbs and your protein should be about 3-6 ounces.  That's about the size of two Blackberries stacked on top of one another.  It's not easy to do when the smallest filet on the menu is about 9 oz.  As far as veggies go, eat away!  Just make sure they're grilled or broiled.

I felt super refreshed and recharged after our session and strongly advise anyone to visit a nutritionist every once in a while to get on track and make sure you stay on track.  If you're in the NYC area, I highly recommend Dara.  You can reach her directly at [email protected] or follow her on Twitter @daragodfrey for nutritional advice and great restaurant recommendations.