Achieve A-List Arches

Besides the nominees, brow guru, Anastasia Soare, was a VIP at the Golden Globes this year as well.  You can credit her for the perfectly shaped arches of Julianna Margulies, Penelope Cruz, Jane Adams, Fergie, Elizabeth Moss and Jennifer Graner.    

“Award Shows and red carpet events are really the perfect time to vamp up with a glam look. The stars will be very glamorous and not in everyday clothes so their brows should embody the glamour of Hollywood," remarked Anastasia.

Like her work?  Here are some tips from Anastasia on how to get red carpet brows:

  • If waxing, be sure to do it 3-6 days before an event.  After a wax your skin color can become a little lighter and if given a few days your skin will have time to calm down
  • Ask for them to be high arched and keep them somewhat full
  • Highlight the corner of the brow with a pencil 

I always suggest keeping your brows in the hands of professionals, but if you can definitely maintain them at-home.  Anastasia has great brow grooming kits that contain everything you need to keep your arches in check.  Check them out here.