Achieve A Dark Tan

I've been hearing so much buzz about the St. Tropez self tanner lately that I had to seek it out and test it for myself. Being that it's only sold online and in spas, I eagerly ventured out this weekend and found a spa that sold it in my area. I purchased the Bronzing Lotion, $40, and smothered my body in the thick, tinted formula before bed. Since my sheets are bright white, I covered myself with long sleeves and sweat pants so the color didn't rub off.

After my shower the next morning I was surprisingly pleased by the even, rich tan I had. This is the color I've been seeking all summer long. I'm used to using Jergens Natural Glow on a daily basis and love it for a subtle tan, but St. Tropez took my summer glow to a whole different level. I am dark.  Being that I'm addicted to being tan, I plan on continuing to use Jergens every night to keep my tan fresh, but I'll be indulging in St. Tropez about twice a week. I highly recommend trying it out.