Achieve 2012's Hottest Beauty Trend with Got2B Powder'ful Back 2 Bed Texture Powder

Last week in the NY Times there was an article titled, "Can You Fall Out of Bed and Look Good," that focused on the idea of the latest trend of imperfection: touseled hair, smudged eyeliner and dewy skin to be exact.  Now that's my kind of look.  The makeup I can pull off, but the hair, well that always took work.  I was never the girl who was able to pull off sex-kitten hair without the help of a curling iron.... until now thanks to Got2B Powderful Back 2 Bed Texture Powder. I was introduced to it at Sundance by Celebrity Stylist, Larry Sims and right away had a million questions.  It's not a dry shampoo!  You just shake a little bit out into you hands and rub them together.  It emulsifies so you're not left with white powder in your hair and don't feel the need to run the blow dryer through it or anything.  Starting at the root, you take your hands and rub the emulsified powder through your strands down to the ends twisting and twirling your hair the whole way.

I got to try it for the first time this morning and was so impressed by what it did to my fine, straight hair that I feel like I can wake up after a Saturday night out, add the powder to my hair and go to a Sunday brunch with sexy, tousled waves.  I started with just a little bit of powder at first, but as I got more comfortable I kept adding more until I created the look I wanted.  It literally took me a minute to transform my style.  Obsessed!  This is a texture I was never able to achieve before and despite thinking the powdery substance would make my hair look matte, it still looks shiny.

*You can get Got2B Powder'ful Back 2 Bed Texture Powder in February at Drugstores for $6.