Man Parts: Ode to the Abdominal V

Zac Efron

Something's going on in the men's fashion industry, where calling attention to exposed not-so-hot body parts is gaining traction. My first glimpse of random man flesh was in a NY Mag feature on mankles, encouraging guys to 'throw out their socks.'  Then came a Huffington Post article featuring Jude Law and his he-vage, man breasts shown off by wearing a super deep V T-shirt.  Whatever happened to "the V" (you know, that sexy abdominal V) and why in God's name isn't anyone designing to show that off?


While I can stand behind cuffed jeans paired with boat shoes, it is utterly ridiculous to refer to a man's ankle or (anyone's ankle for that matter) as sexy.  I did for a second, reconsider when I read on to find the writer describing the 'mankle' in an erotic way, "A part that is both strong yet delicate, like the body’s D’Angelo ballad." The body's D'Angelo ballad (Brown Sugar anyone?).  Yes, convincing indeed.  Then I realized it was the words I was turned on by, not the 'mankle,' which I'm still not sure is a good or bad thing.  Either way, she made a strong case.

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

The thought of 'he-vage' on the other hand makes me heave.  And if you thought Jude Law could do no wrong, you're wrong.  I will say, his bod is rocking, but come on.  By inspecting his T-shirt it doesn't look stretched out, which means he bought it like that. Who even makes T-shirts for men like that?  I've seen tanks at American Apparel that resemble the same deep V style, but they remind me of something Hulk Hogan would wear wrestling, which is why I'm also deeming this look as not hot. The best part of this article is when John Jannuzzi, Senior Digital Editor of GQ comments, "If it crosses the nipple line, as it has here, you’ve gone too far.”

Now let's get to it.  If 'mankles' don't turn you on and 'he-vage' doesn't get your juices flowing, then you'll most likely agree with me that the abdominal V is clearly the sexiest part of a man's body.  It's innocent enough to be exposed in public, yet sexy enough to let your imagination run wild.  Now, I'll leave you with that D'Angelo ballad.