A Sincere Facial

Last week I experienced a facial at Soie Aroma Skin Care Salon in NYC, which opened just three months ago. Owned by esthetician Cecilia Wong, who worked for over ten years as a facialist, the space was very cozy and the experience was intimate.

"I wanted to create an atmosphere where I would be able to establish a personal relationship with all of my clients," commented Wong.

Always a bit nervous about putting my skin into someone's hands, I immediately gained trust in Wong because she genuinely took interest in my skin and customized a facial that would work for me.  It was relaxing, yet effective, exactly what I needed.  She used all natural products combined with LED light, oxygen, masks and of course did some extractions to whip my skin into shape.

I learned that the current products I'm using have too much AHA in them and are too harsh for my skin, so I'm scaling back on the usage.  After consulting with Wong I am going to start weaning onto organic skin care products.  

Tip: When switching up your skin care regimen start by rotating new products into your current routine.  Begin by replacing your moisturizer, then two weeks later replace your face wash and so on.  This will prevent your skin from having any sudden reactions and allow you to notice what really works.