A Serious Stiletto Ban

Living the fast paced life in New York City, every fashionista has the skills to run in stilettos, but work in stilettos?  No probelm... right?  The shoes are part of a New Yorkers every day lifestyle as it is in other areas of the world.  Plus, there's just something sexy about slipping into a pair of heels no matter what the occasion, even if it is just to sit in an office all day long.

Unfortunately, the ladies across the pond in London had to face Congress on their fight to ban stilettos in the workplace last fall. According to the BBC, this new ruling was intended for companies who required women to wear heels as part of their uniform. Their reasoning came from the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists that stated that heels can cause lower limb injuries that could cost up to two million working days a year.

Nonetheless, British women would rather take the risk of injury by stiletto and look fabulous doing so.  They won.

Share your thoughts below. Should stilettos be banned at the workplace?