A Peek Inside My NYFW Prep: It's As Real As It Gets

It's New York Fashion Week and I'm beyond thrilled to check out another season (it really doesn't get old).  Each season for the past six years I've been going backstage to interview the glam squads before the shows and watching the shows to see the latest and greatest from all of the designers.  This year, I have several fun projects to juggle between the madness.  Here's four ways I prep and that really help to keep me sane... I Have Clones

I have help!  Ever since I've been freelance I've had interns help me for BeautySweetSpot during NYFW so I can focus more on freelance writing assignments and other projects that I'm actually getting paid for.  It's all about the hustle, so I try to clone myself.

I Have A Strict Schedule with An Open Mind

I have a redicilously organized schedule that only looks redicilously organized to me.  I swear if you were to look at it you would only find yourself confused, but I've been doing my schedule this way for about two years and it works.  I attempt (attempt being the key word) to have a plan, a set schedule of events, shows and backstages that I'm attending and potentially covering going into the week.  However being a NYFW veteran, I'm flexible.  I had to learn how to deal with my Type A personality and go with it.  It must change at least twice a day as more invites are sent out and I run into industry friends and make more plans.

I Strategically Pack My Mobile Office

I pack a tote that includes a freelancers must haves for one of the most thrilling weeks of content gathering: camera, iPhone, iPhone charger, mini MacBook Air, Mac charger, flats, notebook, and a Luna Bar.  I also toss in whatever lipstick color I'm wearing that day, blotting papers and business cards.  Having a mobile office is priceless!  There will be days where I'll have about two hours until my next show or event and can pop into a coffee shop or NYFW sponsored lounge and get some work done.

I Fill My Wardrobe

I'm not one to plan out "looks."  Therefore, I'm normally somewhat scrambling to get dressed everyday, but like to be sure that I have something appropriate to wear each day.  By appropriate I mean chic.  I do a closet scan a week before to see what I'm lacking and add fillers (ie: a new pair of heels or an event-worthy dress I haven't worn before).  This season I didn't need any fillers.  I'm good, but what I did do and I do every season was stock up on necessities like tights.  If I'm wearing them daily, I will get a run in them!