A Peek Inside A Celeb Swag Suite

While in LA this weekend to do the Emmy's segment for E!, I decided to check out one of the hottest celebrity gifting lounges around at the Kate Somerville Spa.  As soon as I walked in I was served a summer cocktail mixed with raspberry vodka and taken around by one of the Kate Somerville representatives from brand to brand to learn about their exciting new launches, very VIP!

My first stop was at the Clarisonic station where the PR representative introduced me to their newest model which donates 50% to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  Already a fan of the Clarisonic, I couldn't help but wonder how great the new packaged pink one would look on my bathroom sink.  Since I've been doing a lot of traveling, I was given a travel sized one so I'll never miss it when I leave home.  Earlier in the day, the cast of Mad Men stopped by along with Julia Louis Dreyfus and Felicity Huffman who all raved about the Clarisonic too.

I was introduced to the perfumer of Ajne who creates the most intoxicating blends of perfume one would ever smell. Her latest creation was Vanille and she took me through a whole custom blending lesson and blended one in a beautiful little glass bottle entangled in gold wire.  It's such a special gift because it's very personalized.  At the suite she also blended a vanilla musk fragrance layered with soft floral for Denise Richards and a vanilla musk with hints of amber and tobacco for Debra Messing.  She says that men find women who wear a scent with vanilla in it 70 times more sexy.

A jeweler from Paraiba who normally dresses celebs like Rihanna, Neo and Paris Hilton was showcasing his jewels and gave me the inside scoop of what he leant Debra Messing for the Emmys: a 20 karat black diamond ring.  He said that when she put it on her finger her hand was shaking.  That diamond is so big my hand probably would have fallen off!

Fekkai was doing blowouts (Jordana Brewster from The Fast and the Furious was getting one while I was there) and I met the sweetest stylist, Ange Grmolyes who offered to come to my hotel the next day to do my hair for the Emmys.  Thank God for her because she did an awesome job and I knew I could trust her because I love Fekkai in NYC.  

Finally, I made my way to Bare Escentuals, (but not before putting a Sprinkles cup cake in my mouth). There, I was touched up by makeup artist, Dondrae Andolini, with cosmetics from their new Buxom line and color matched with the appropiate foundation shade.  Paris Hilton walked in to say hello when I was in the makeup chair, but when asked if she wanted a touch up her reply was, "No, I don't have time, I have to go to the studio and work."  What exactly is she working on?  

The spa atmosphere was very classy and the ambiance was loungy. All of the brands that participated fell right in line with Kate Somerville's brand etiquette.