A New Bandwagon Men Should Jump Off

I don't know if it's NYC or if it has something to do with the economy, but through living the life of a single socialista I find myself asking the question... What happened to dinner?

I feel like it was a sudden change, like OMG dare I say, the elimination of parabens from beauty products? Whether educated on the subject or not, we all know by now that parabens are harmful to our health and to make sure the packaging clearly reads "paraben free."

All of a sudden dating has turned from dinner after dinner and getting to know each other over great meals and endless conversation to a casual glass of chardonnay, then a few vodka sodas, maybe some blurry nights with... what's his name again?    

Just as the beauty industry jumped on the "green" bandwagon, it seems single men or as someone once called them, "man-boys," are jumping on this one.  Is the economy to blame?  Some men say so, but others claim it's too easy to get what they want without dinner.  Ladies, you may want to think before downing that next glass of chardonnay.