A Facial Worth Trying at Bliss Spa

Whenever I go for a facial, I'm normally after one thing – clean pores.  To get the job done, I often visit Mario Badescu in midtown, which is more like a factory than a spa. Not sure what I'm talking about?  Check out my review here.  Last week I moved to Hoboken (seriously) and visited Bliss Spa (which happens to be directly across the street from my apartment, dangerous I know) for a Fabulous Facial.   My esthetician, Megan McGhee, was super sweet, yet on a mission.  After chatting with me about my skincare concerns (I'm currently breaking out like a teenager), she recommended the facial I booked along with an added on peel that consisted of a combination of salicylic and glycolic acid.  Exactly what my poor skin needed to help rid my pimples, tight up and make it glow.

I found it interesting that instead of using steam, Bliss uses an oxygen mask to help open the pores before extractions.  "Steam allows for bacteria to get into the open pores," Mcgee explained.  As one who's always had facials with steam, this made me think.  The facial was worth every penny.  While face masks took their time to set, my face, neck, arms, shoulders and feet were massaged.  In the end, not only do I not have a clogged pore in sight, but I also had a full spa experience of relaxation and massage.

I ended up booking one every six weeks with Megan.  Yes, I know it sounds extensive, but I do have a wedding coming up!

The Bliss Spa in Hoboken is located at the W Hotel at 225 River St.  Call 877 862 5477 for an appointment.