A DIY Foot Scrub for Sandal Season

Ladies, it's safe to say that pedi season is in full effect.  Even though the weather is throwing has been throwing a curve ball at our spring wardrobe (tights or no tights lately) we're all better off safe than sorry.  I spoke with The Spa at Fontainebleau’s Director of Spa Operations, Josie Feria, who shared a DIY foot scrub designed to renew your skin and make sure your feet are ready.  After all, there's nothing worse than starring at decrepit feet on the subway.


  • 2 tsps mineral salts


  • Soak feet in warm water with mineral salts
  • Massage scrub  onto feet and wrap in warm wet towels, allowing towels to cool off
    • To warm towels – put under very hot faucet /squeeze out excess water and place in microwave unrolled for 1 minute on high (or more time if needed)
  • Using wet towels remove scrub
  • Use pumice stone or other callous reducer on any tough, thick skin – be careful not to overdo it and over sensitize your feet
  • Rinse off
  • Apply body lotion and place feet in plastic bags and cotton socks. Follow towel recipe to warm the socks but use a lower microwave setting and less time for maximum benefit. Leave socks on overnight.

While enjoying your feet treatment try on these complementary experiences:

  • Warm a hand towel and place around your neck to increase relaxation
  • Apply scrub to hands, thoroughly rinse and apply a body lotion and tuck into cotton gloves or mitts for the night

That's it!  Barely any DIY effort and an essential foot scrub.