8 Tips on Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

Every year I tell myself, I'm not going to let it happen and I don't.  As someone who works out too hard during the year to try to stay fit, I find ways to strategically enjoy every piece of chocolate and glass of champagne that comes my way during the holiday season without feeling bloated or gaining weight.  You can, too.  I promise. Tis' the season to indulge... with caution.  I spoke with Holly Hargrave of Athletic Genius to find out how to avoid the dreaded holiday weight gain.  Indulge and stay fit!

Tip #1:  Avoid excess hunger.  Do not let yourself become ravenously hungry by starving yourself for that special holiday event.   Starving yourself causes your metabolism, ( caloric burn ),  to slow and results in over-eating.

Tip #2:  Dress for success.   Wear a form-fitting outfit that does not “give”.  When you are full your outfit will communicate the message to you because it will become tight feeling.

Tip #3:  Beware of alcohol.  Alcohol is nearly as calorically dense as fat.  Sip your cocktail, do not drink quickly.  I recommend a glass of water between each cocktail or a glass of seizer water.

Tip #4:  Choose foods at the event that represent how you want your body to look.  Do you want to look like a celery stick or a scallop wrapped in bacon.  Think sexy as you choose your foods they should reflect your ultimate body image.

Tip #5:  Choose a dessert and immediately half the portion size.  For example:  one slice of cake – slice into 2 and take half.  Throw away the other half.

Tip #6:  Avoid stress.   Focus on what needs to get done and let the rest fall away.  Stress creates cortisol and cortisol holds fat.  No-one knows what you didn’t get done on your “holiday to do list” but you.   Be easy on yourself.

Tip #7:  Drink lots of water.  Flush out your system, feel full and keep your skin clear.

Tip #8:  Mingle.   The more you are mingling and chatting the less time you will have to put food in your mouth.  After all, you are attending the event to socialize not to eat.