7 Things to Know About Adam Levine

Agree or disagree with People mag, Adam Levine was named the "Sexiest Man Alive" and I can't think of anyone else I'd rather... see on the cover... of course!  The Maroon 5 front man who sports rockstar sexy like no other – full of scruff and tattoos – deserves the title.  Here are seven things to know about Mr. Levine right now. 1. Behati told me in this interview that Adam's obsessed with rose water spray.  I wonder if it's because of the scent or the act of misting?

2. Perfectly groomed facial hair disgusts him.  Instead, he likes to  just keep his scruff maintained by using a trimmer once a month.

3. Yoga is the credited workout to to his chiseled physique.  I have a feeling that performing counts for some cardio, too.

4. He wears Old Spice and claims that woman like the musk.  " I don't feel comfortable being a guy that has on cologne but Old Spice is different because you smell good but you don't smell like your trying to smell good," he told to Men's Fitness.

5. His latest venture will include a clothing collaboration with Kmart.  Rockstar style on a budget?  Yep.  Here's a teaser for his holiday commercial for the brand.  Enjoy! 

6. Along with Diddy and Katy Perry, he too is a Spokesperson for Proactiv.  As an acne sufferer when he was younger, the partnership made sense. Hey, something has to be keeping that gorgeous face in check.

7. He hates flying, but nothing keeps him from going on tour.