6 Quirky Makeup & Hair Tips from Celebrity Glam Squads

One of the best things about my job is that I have celeb hair stylists and makeup artists on my speed dial.  No lie.  If I need a quote for a story, to find out how Sarah Jessica Parker's hair was done for a red carpet or selfishly have a question I always have someone fab to call for advice.  Here are some of their most out of the box beauty tips that may be wierd, but work! For a natural, wavy set of hair, take tin foil and morph it into a rod/cigar shape.  Wrap your hair around the it from end to root and then fold it in half to create a clamp.  Take a straightening iron clamp it over the tin foil.  The finished look will be a beautiful soft wavy buckle.   - Rodney Cutler, Founder of Redken/Cutler Salons

When painting eyebrows, use a darker color to define the inner lower, and outer portions and fill in the center with a neutral soft color to create a defined brow that reads in pictures but still looks natural. -  NYC New York Color Celebrity Makeup Artist, Mathew Nigara

For sexy bedhead, after curling your hair, spritz hairspray into your brush, then brush out the curl for more defined waves.  It's a better techinique to finish and polish the hair than spraying the hairspray directly onto your waves. -  Joseph DiMaggio, L’Oréal Professionnel Master Session Artist

My all time favorite tip is to use a highlighting eyeshadow to trace the perimeter of the lips. This makes your lips standout and look fuller without using a lip liner. - Carmindy

Mix lipstick with moisturizer to tone it down and use it on the eye lid.  This makes for a great glossy lid look, or you can use it as a base and layer powder shadow on top.  - Neutrogena Makeup Artist, Michiko Boorberg

Use Lubriderm lotion as styling product in curly hair.  It has the right texture and will save you money on styling product. - T3 Lead Stylist, Dan Sharp.