5 Tips on How to Look Good in Photos

How many holiday parties are you going to?  Joe and I have been party hopping all month and it's only getting more intense as the season gets more involved.  And of course, everyone's snapping photos and immediately uploading to Facebook so being caught off guard isn't an option (um... Dwight).  Famed Photographer, Nigel Barker, shares his top five tips on how to look good in photos – during the holidays and always.

Last week Barker shared these tips to shoppers at the Walgreens Winter Wonderland Lodge in Times Square and they were so good I had to share them with you.  I love number two!

1.  Kill the Double Chin - Tilt your head up high and tighten your neck. As you bring your chin down, twist your head so you look over your shoulder and slightly push your neck out. Your neck/chin muscles will suck up your excess skin for just a moment so make sure your photographer is ready.

2. Pose Pretty - When standing and posing, put one foot in front of the other, twist your torso to an angle and place a hand on a hip.  This stance helps to create the illusion of shape to fool the eye and the camera.

3. Smile with your eyes - Let your eyes do the talking. Think of something you desire and look at the camera.

4. Best shoot location - Look for an area where the main light source is in front of you.  Lighting with a bright sky or large light in front is ideal.

5. Taking your own - Turn your computer screen to white and use it as a soft box light source the way professionals do. Take your own Facebook photo with the on-board camera.