5 Things to Add to Your Holiday Wish List with Celebrity Stylist, Ted Gibson

Ted Gibson is perhaps one of the most sought-out celebrity stylists in the world.  He coifed the locks of Ashley Greene, Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway and yours truly.  His fingers are literally magical.  When not shooting a magazine cover, he's normally tending to his A-list clients in his NY or FL salons or being his fabulous self on a TV show.  Here, Ted talks about five things to add to your holiday wish list! 1. Ted Gibson Hairsheet Styling & Beautiful Hold Hairspray

The perfect stocking stuffer! I use these products on all my gibson girls like Ashley Greene and Gabrielle Union for guaranteed gorgeous hair. My hairsheets are perfect quick fix to smooth out hat hair during the winter months. Beautiful hold hairspray is sure to keep your holiday hairstyles perfectly in place.

2. Rubies

They are sparkly, gorgeous and red. Enough said!

3. iPad mini

The iPad does everything! Plus this new mini version can fit into purse!

4. Shoes

Always a great holiday gift. A sparkly new pair of Louboutins can not only make you look incredibly sexy but will also make you feel better after your mother has told you how ugly your hair is!

5.  Range Rover Sport Supercharge

Perfect for cruising to Neiman Marcus or Costco.