5 Things to Add to Your Holiday Wish List from NYC Spa Owner, Jamie Ahn

Recently I wrote about my favorite places to go for massages, the Townhouse Spa.  Here, the Founder of the Townhouse and Acqua Beauty Bar in NYC, Jamie Ahn discusses her top five items to add to your holiday wish list and it's all beauty treatments and covetable pieces of fashion.  I have to say, we really do have the same sense of style.  I have a feeling you'll be salivating over at least a few things on here as well.  Enjoy! 1. Luzern Force De Vie Luxe Creme

It brings a glow to tired skin, diminishes signs of lines and wrinkles, promotes fresh cell growth, and deep hydrates. Excellent for those wanting a combination of deep moisture and powerful anti-aging actives.

2.  Michael Kors Shearling Boots

3.  Renove Royal Perfect Collagen Mask

It contains CO Q10 & Royal Jelly which provides firmness and elasticity to help make the skin look more revitalized and lifted (exclusive to Townhouse Spa).

4.  Hermes Scarf

5.  Gift Certificate to Townhouse Spa for a Gel Manicure

Gel manicures don't chip and keep a glossy shine, so they're perfect for  holiday party hopping...in addition to a Aroma Paraffin Hand Treatment, which is super moisturizing.