5 Must-Have Travel Beauty Kits: I'm Packing Them All

Ciao!  I'm off to Italy!  Ten days away gives me a chance to test out new beauty loot and my PR friends were kind enough to send over a bunch of travel sized products to take along.  Even though I'm bringing travel sized products, I still think my suitcase will be overweight, because I'm bringing a ton of them!  As I was packing I fell in love with a few kits that stood out among the rest.  These five are worth taking along whether you're doing a beach weekend, road trip or a serious get-a-way.

Ahava Starter Kit for Men, $18

  • exfoliating cleansing gel
  • foam free shaving cream
  • soothing after shave moisturizer
  • travel bag
*Of course, Joe's bringing his Ray Bans.  I'm obsessed with aviators and often borrow his.  They're a bit big for my face, but it's what I like about this pair.  You can find them here.

VMH Hypoallergenics Vacation Kit, $28

  • Armada Sport 70
  • Armada Lip Balm 60+
  • Essence Clark Wash Hair + Body “Big Softie” Shampoo
  • Id Monolaurin Gel (mattifying anti-acne, anti-sweat-acne skin-cooling gel for face + body)
*This Jennifer Behr headband has been a summer staple of mine since 2007.  Here's a similar one by JB, double roped, just updated.

Cargo Route 66 Road Trip Kit, $34

  • Limited Edition Eyeshadow in Road Trip
  • Texas Liner Liquid Eyeliner
  • Lipgloss in Route 66
  • Travel size 3 Triple Action Mascara
  • Wristlet
*I picked up these metallic gold Penelope Chilvers to wear as we tour the country.  I'm also obsessed with these wedge ones.  They also come in metallic silver, here.  Next purchase!

H2O Sea Marine Must-Haves, $19.50

  • Revitalizing Shampoo and Collagen Conditioner
  • Purifying Shower Cream
  • Triple Butter Body Cream
  • Hand Cream
*I always carry a lightweight summer scarf, because I'm always freezing in air conditioning!

Molton Brown Frequent Traveler, $55

  • Warming Eucalyptus Bath & Shower 
  • Ultrasmooth Coco de Mer Body Lotion 
  • Travel-reviving Cempaka Bath & Shower 
  • Renew Ambrusca Wash & Scrub 
  • Relaxing Yuan Zhi Mist 
  • Skinboost 24hr Moisture Mist