5 Minutes with Dancing with the Stars Vixen, Cheryl Burke

Back in February I attended a Veet event in honor of their new High Precision Facial Wax  where they announced their new Spokesperson, Cheryl Burke.  The beauty girls and I sipped cocktails, checked out the new product and watched a private performance by Miss Burke.  It was like a sneak preview into the new season and I caught it all on camera just for you!  I got the scoop on her spray tan guru, past partners (including Rob Kardashian) and predictions for this season with new hottie William Levy. 1. How did your partnership with Veet come about and why does it work for you?

I am thrilled to represent a brand that understands the importance of looking and feeling beautiful in your skin and the freedom of long-lasting smoothness. As a professional dancer on television, these play a huge role in my daily life, so the synergy between me and Veet was natural and a perfect fit.

2.When not on camera, what are your beauty must haves?

My busy schedule doesn't leave much time, so my favorite products are ones with long lasting results. My go-to for hair removal is Veet In-Shower Gel Cream. It only takes a few minutes, but the results last up to twice as long as shaving. And of course, I always have a to have a fresh spray tan. I trust all my bronzing to JoJo McCarthy of Brown Buns in LA.

3. I'm a huge Dallas Cowboys fan and was super jealous when you partnered with Emmitt Smith for Dancing With the Stars in the third season. How was he as a partner?

Emmitt was one of my favorite partners. He really had the best work ethic and taught me so much about myself. He's easily one of the best guys I've ever met.

4. Last season, I was a huge fan of you and Rob Kardashian. What was your biggest challenge when being working with the reality star?

The biggest challenge was getting Rob to focus. But once we tackled that in the first week he really proved that he had talent and wanted to be there.

5. Your partner this season, William Levy is a hottie! Any predictions?

I predict that the women who watch our show are going to fall in love. He's nice and funny and determined. And not so hard on the eyes either!