5 Lip Plumping Tricks

kylie-jenner-lipsWho doesn't want full, plump lips?  Since Kylie Jenner may have a perfect pout, rumors sparked about lip injections, however the truth lies in makeup tricks. It's all about creating the illusion of bigger lips. With just a little makeup and use of lines and textures, you can make your lips look as full and voluptuous as the starlette.  Here are five tips:

Avoid dark colors

We love a plum lip color as much as the next person, but dark hue lipsticks make your lips look thinner and flatter. If you’re already self-conscious about having thin lips, you’ll want to avoid these deep hues.

Use A Dab of Gloss

Add just a little dab of high-shine gloss in the middle of your top and bottom lip. This draws attention to the plumpest part of your lip, making it the main focus. Using a color slightly darker than the color you’re wearing will deliver the best plumping effect.

Highlight the Cupid’s Bow

Using a nude or white pencil, draw a light “M” in the cupids bow and lightly blend. The light will reflect off this, making it seem deeper and more accentuated. This simple and easy trick makes a surprising difference on how full your lips look.

Create A Shadow

You can either take light brown eyeliner or a little bit of brown eye shadow onto an angle brush, and apply to the underside on the bottom of your bottom lip. This effect will make it actually look like you’re lips are creating a shadow underneath your lip.

Try the Right Products

You don’t need to have serious surgery, but it can go a little bit past illusions. Try using a lip plumper, which penetrates skin to support the natural collagen production while also providing a glossy finish to the lips. We particularly love this one by Laura Mercier, which comes in four gorgeous shades.