3 Skincare Breakthroughs Driven By Results, Not Side Effects

While I'm obsessed with swiping new colors and feeling the textures of the latest cosmetic launches all over my hands and will try anything for the sake of beauty once, it's skincare I'm most passionate about because the science behind it blows my mind.  Here are three skincare launches that recently caught my attention  (two of them use salmon enzymes).  I know you'll be into them, because they deliver results without harsh side effects.

DDF Discoloration Reversal Moisturizer

Most products that fight discoloration dry out the skin, but this one conquers the harsh side effect by combining niacin with moisturizers.  Use it at nighttime as your cells regenerate and watch your brown spots disappear.

Restorsea Rejevenating Day Cream & Eye Cream

This all natural multitasking moisturizing day cream and eye cream lays on thick, making it perfect for wintertime.  Made up of enzymes given off by baby salmon that naturally exfoliate, Vitamin C to brighten and brown algae to reduce inflammation, it depuffs and proves smoother, vibrant skin.

Perricone Blue Plasma

Known as the 'unpeel,' this one uses salmon roe enzymes and copper to exfoliate without leaving behind red, irritated skin.   It breaks the barrier and lies somewhere between a face scrub and chemical peel by ridding dead skin cells, extracting the pores and getting rid of build up to leave you with luminous, fresh skin.