3 Makeup Tips we Learned from Georgia May Jagger

Georgia-May-JaggerWhile talking with British model Georgia May Jagger at the Rimmel London Spring 2015 preview, we of course, knew she was going to be beautiful and charismatic, but it was a pleasant surprise to hear all the fantastic beauty tips she had. It was while talking about her beauty role models (Veronica Lake and Audrey Hepburn) and first makeup experience (Tinkerbell nail polish and Hello Kitty eye shadow) that Jagger also gave us some great insight on beauty tips and tricks she lives by. 

Georgia-May-JaggerTake off your makeup

Think achieving model-perfect skin is difficult? Well according to Jagger, it’s not. It’s as simple as taking off your makeup before you go to bed, something we all fall guilty of skipping every now and again. “I know that it’s boring, but it’s one of the most important things I think you can do.” We have to say, we 100 percent agree with her.

Break the Rules

After explaining to us that her model mom, Jerry Hall, would just “show up to shoots with her makeup already done and they would just kind of pretend to do it,” she let us in on her favorite makeup tip she learned from her mom.

“I learned from her you can do a lip and an eye and a red lip in any situation and it doesn’t have to be tacky,” she explains. “I think there is a way to do everything so you don’t feel like your trapped.” Follow Jagger’s advice and go for that bold pink lip and metallic eye shadow. Just because they’re both bold doesn’t mean it won’t work.

Use Brow Mascara on Your Lashes

When showing off her favorite products from the new Rimmel London Spring 2015 collection, she even popped in a tip using the brow mascara in a way other than for grooming your brows. She suggested that after curling your lashes, apply the clear colored brow mascara to your eyelashes to separate and keep them from clumping.

Dying to give that last tip a try? The brow gel along with other new Rimmel products in the Spring 2015 collection will be available in January.