3 Lipstick Shades Every Woman Should Own

Courtesy of Tormented Sugar, Beauty Illustrator While you may have a ton of options for dressing your lips, there are only three lipsticks every woman should own.  Consider these three the main staples in your lipstick wardrobe and the rest, well, why not right?  Makeup Artist, Michael Shepherd of GlamSquad, gave me the rundown.


Your Best Red - Whether it's an orange or blue based red, pick your hue and own it.  Because they're less maintenence, choose a matte red lipstick.  They last longer and won't bleed.  I'm a huge fan of NARS Semi Matte Lipstick in Fire Down Below and Heat Wave.  A great drugstore option is Maybelline Color Sensational The Mattes Lip Color in Siren in Scarlet.


Your Everyday Nude - To find a nude lipstick that's right for you, match the shade to the center of your bare lip.  Opt for a glossy formula, since matte nudes aren't the most flattering.  Check out the Dior Rouge Dior range.  There are several nudes with a sheen.  Also, L'Oreal has a Perfect Nudes Collection.


Your Pop Color - Think pink or berry.  Your pop color should be your fun, lipstick shade of choice, but keep it matte for the same reasons as using a matte red.  You could always put a gloss over it.  Marc Jacobs Kiss Pop Lipcolor Stick has serious staying power and Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick offers fun moisturizing shades.