3 Grooming Commandments from Hollywood's Leading Male Primper

While Hollywood's leading ladies have a whole glam squad on hand for any red carpet event, the men are known for their long term monogamous relationships with their groomers.  Last week I had the chance to grab a cup of tea with the one trusted groomer to all of the funny guys, Cheri Keating.  I'm talking men like Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill... and oh yea, she also primps one of Hollywood's finest, Robert Pattison.  She gave me the three top grooming commandments your boyfriend should follow to make sure his image is always on point.

1. He Shall Have Matte Skin

"Whether men are on camera or not, no man wants their skin to look dewey," Keating remarked.  She uses Lab Series Oil Control Daily Hydrator on Jonah Hill and some of her other clients before touching up their makeup for films.  "I like it because there's no break through shine."  While some men act like they don't care about skincare, if you introduce your man to a mattifying moisturizer and compliment his lack of shine, he'll thank you (and continue using it).

2. He Shall Maintain His Sprouting Hairs

The best way to prolong a haircut is to help him do at-home shape ups.  "His image can really be bumped up by simply removing the hair around his neck," Keating said.  Is your man 30 or older?  Be on the lookout! Keating wouldn't tell me which clients she does this for (to spare them embarrassment), but he has to start ridding random ear, nose and brow hairs.  You don't have to remove them, but you may have to kindly point them out.  It's all about maintenance.

3. He Shall Shop Sophisticatedly (and Tailor)

Even the funny guys mature.  Seth Rogen started his career wearing baggy jeans and a t-shirt on the red carpet and landing summer time comedys and since he's tightened his image and his suits, he's being cast in fall indie dramas.  Of course, this change is about his total image, but his clothing alone gives off a different message.  "Every man should own well cut T's and perfect fitting pair of jeans," Keating commented.  I agree.  Any man can wear a suit, but a well tailored suit gives off the message of sophistication.