3 Beauty Finds from Over Seas that Makeup Artists Can't Live Without

While I don't get to travel abroad as much as I'd like I do have the chance to speak with really talented makeup artists who travel to different countries for photo shoots for a living.  Can you imagine?  What I would give to explore the pharmacies in Paris!  Here are some incredible can't-live-without finds that are always in their kits from abroad. Madina Milano Chic & Shine Stick - Italy

This cream based highlighter from Italy is pearly as opposed to chunky and glittery so it's a must have on set.  It melts into your skin beautifully.  Makeup artists run it down the top of the nose, highlight the tops of cheek bones, under the brows and in the middle of the forehead.  It's fool proof a way to contour the face without using different shades of bronzer, which is something we can all do at home.  I like a cream based highlighter from Lush called Feeling Younger Tint/Highlighter.  It melts into my skin!

Drop Eye - Japan

"These murder your capilaries," says a makeup artists who would like to remain nameless.  It's just Japanese Visine, but in Japan it's different from the Visine in the USA.    "They actually burn when you put them in," he says.  After offering me to try some (I passed being that I was wearing a full face of makeup and didn't want to murder anything or cry), he said the regulations on products are different in Japan.  His use for them?  To drop them in models and celebrities eyes before applying makeup to brighten them.  I trust the USA standards, so I'd recommend sticking with Visine!

Effadiane Cream - Paris

A super thick, wet, shiny body cream used to make models bodies and faces (yes, applied to faces as well) look super hot.  Forget lubing them up in oil on set.  While we may never lube up from head to toe in this stuff, I was dying to find it so I can run down my shins when wearing a mini and I did!  The New London Pharmacy in NYC has it!  Going... now...