#1 Lip Gloss in America

The average American women goes through 1-2 tubes of lip gloss per month.  And if it's her favorite lip gloss, you know she's scraping the case.  But let's be honest, we all have way more than 2 tubes of lip gloss on hand at all times.  I have one in each bag, probably eight on my dresser, one at my desk, a few in my vanity, not to mention the whole basket of it that's waiting for me to try out in my closet. Everyone has their favorite, some for color, some for texuture, some for glossiness, but I'm proud to announce America's #1 lip gloss: Avon Glazewear.  My favorite color is Iced Pink Rose Glace, but there are so many different options, you'll definitely find one to fall in love with.  The best part, they're super inexpensive so if you find your shade, you can purchase several to meet the needs of all of your clutches.

What's your fave lip gloss?