Shedding Light On Birth Mothers

This recent People magazine story about my family and our adoption struggles made me think more about birth mothers…

If you follow me on my social media profiles, then you saw that People magazine recently told my story of the adoption scam that happened to Joe and I. After reading my blog post. The Adoption Scam on the News Happened to Us, an editor contacted me for an interview and I thought my quotes were going to be part of a bigger story on scams. I was surprised and excited to see it was published as a piece just highlighting our story. My hope is that telling my story on a bigger level will help others and my full inbox has proved that it’s working. I’m so glad I can use my experiences on my journey to motherhood to connect with other women.


I did want to write this post to focus on birth mothers. Scams always get a ton of attention, because they’re catchy and draw in readers and viewers. However, because of scams like these, birth mothers can get a bad reputation and that is not at all right. Out of the 16 pregnant women Joe and I connected within our search for Amaya, only two of them were scams (and not even pregnant women).

The other 14, as well as all of the true birth mothers in the world, are the most selfless, brave and thoughtful people. When Joe and I began our adoption process, we went through a lot of education with our social worker and learned a lot about the birth mother’s process. We were even open to having an open adoption and staying in touch with the birth mother.

I’m not going to get into Amaya’s personal story, (that’s hers to share one day if she chooses), but I will tell you that we met her birth mother several times while in the hospital after she gave birth and really bonded. Enough said for now, but I can’t even begin to explain what a wonderful, selfless woman she was. I think about her every single day.

When surrendering a baby, even if adoption was her choice all along, most birth mothers go through denial and grief while and after recovering from having a baby. They are strong. They are brave. They are responsible. They make people’s dreams come true. And more than anything, they are selfless.

I just wanted you to know…