5 Top Wellness Trends for 2019

Better sleep is in your future!


When looking at all of the trend predictions for the new year and analyzing the products that come across my desk and emails that that flood my inbox, I honed in on trends that I personally think will explode. Here are the top five wellness trends to get excited for this year.

1. CBD Oil Will Become Regulated & Mainstream

Derived from the hemp plant but completely legal, CBD oil found its way into everything in 2018 because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety benefits (to name a few).  From skincare to protein powders, pain relief treatments and supplements, CBD is becoming mainstream.  This year, expect to see regulations around the ingredient.  It’s a completely unregulated industry right now, but standards will be high and claims will need to be proven.  

2. Plant Based Skincare Becomes More Effective

For a long time now, it seemed we had to choose between clean or natural skincare and effective skincare, however we’ve been proven wrong,  Plant based skincare is now clean and effective thanks to ingredients like bakuchiol, which even rivals retinol.  

3. Understanding Hormones Will Lead to Better Sleep

The hormone cortisol peaks in the morning, making us feel alert and the hormone melatonin helps to wind us down at the end of the day ensuring a good night sleep.  When these hormones are imbalanced, we can get pretty cranky.  The blue screen from our phones and computers is just one thing that can throw them out of wack on a daily basis.  Now, vitamins and supplements are helping to tackle the imbalance.

4. Wine Makers Jump on the Farm-to-Table Bandwagon

Thanks to the growing awareness and need to eat clean, people are looking into where their wine is coming from and how their wine is being made.  When talking vineyard-to-table, this means that the grapes used to make the wine weren’t sprayed with any herbicides or pesticides and ferment on their own.  

5. Wearable Technology is Back & Better Than Ever

Wearable technology like fit bits was a thing of the past, but now the newest gadgets are more accurate than ever.  Fitness trackers, smart watches, heart rate monitors and other devices that track heart rate, calories, sitting time and more are all the rage and are recommended by doctors and fitness trainers across the country.