3 Ways to Enhance Your Life According to A Psychologist

3 Simple Things to Do Every Day


For many of us, January is the start of new beginnings. It’s the first month of a new year and all we can think about is how to make it better than the last. Whether it’s finally starting that new diet, adding meditation to your daily routine, or getting back into the gym, it’s that time of year where we’re exploring new ways to enhance our lives and overall well being. After diving into a positive psychology course this past fall, we put together a few tips to help you do just that! We took some of the most important information, eliminated the boring scientific language, and came up with a list of three things you can add to your routine that’ll enhance your life.

Do rigorous cardio for twenty minutes three times per week.

Since we were kids in our elementary P.E class, we’ve been hearing about the endless benefits of exercise. From helping you get better sleep, glowing skin, and of course, losing weight, it’s no wonder that getting back into the gym is at the top of so many people’s new year’s list. However, the less glamorous and less talked about advantage of working out lies in your mental health. According to research, 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily in tandem with 20 minutes of rigorous cardio at least three times a week is the “magic number” in helping to alleviate depression and anxiety.

If 30 minutes a day sounds intimidating, don’t get too overwhelmed. The average person gets their 30 minutes of moderate exercise completing their daily tasks. Therefore, what’s really important is getting those 20 minutes of cardio three times a week. Not only will you inevitably start to look and feel great, but also you’ll be contributing to a positive mental state.

Let go of the belief that more money means more happiness.

Do you think if you had more money you would be happier? If you said yes, don’t worry. We’re guilty as charged, too. For most of us, the idea that more money equates in more happiness is a tale as old as time. However, according to positive psychologists, the payoffs aren’t as great they’re promised to be.

The research is clear; correlations between money and happiness most significantly impact those who are getting promotions anywhere between 30K to 70K. However, any increase in salaries between 70K to 700K show slight changes in your happiness level and that’s because we all have a happiness “set point.” Your set point is the tendency to quickly return to a relatively stable level of happiness despite major positive or negative life changes. (See our post on that here.) . Therefore, the more money you make only means the higher your expectations. The end result? No permanent gain in your happiness. With that said, while we’re all about a boss babe working to reach her professional goals, this year consider taking more time investing in yourself instead of your bank account.

Laugh, every. single. day.

We think many of you can agree that there is nothing better than a wholesome, big belly laugh that makes your stomach cramp and your eyes water. Laughter makes you feel good in the moment, but the benefits on your mental and physical health are undeniable. The act of laughing increases your immune system and increases the amount of T-cells present in your body, which are cells responsible for attacking viruses and cancer cells. Not to mention, studies show that laughing can significantly lower levels of all stress hormones ultimately promoting a more calm state of being. If you’re really looking to commit, sign up for a laughter yoga class because, yes it’s a thing. You can expect to reach a state of pure joy through your laughter and yogic exercises during these classes. So why not try something new? After all, laughter is the best medicine.