Top 3 Benefits of Drinking Chlorophyll Water

Your grandmother would say it's worth it.


Chlorophyll is the the pigment found in plants that makes them green and has only recently become trendy. However, we found that many say their grandmothers would swear by the green water to help heal ailments. Stomach ache? Chlorophyll. Headache? Chlorophyll.  We recently tried the Sakara Life Detox Water Concentrate with infused chlorophyll and found ourselves wondering, whether or not it really works and how.  We spoke with Whitney Tingle, the Co-Founder of Sakara Life, to get the breakdown behind this magical green water and here’s what you need to know.

It’s a natural healer.  

This green pigment is found to enrich your body’s blood with oxygen. It also aids in the cleansing of your liver by increasing the presence of the enzymes that naturally cleanse this organ.

It facilitates in digestion and elimination.

Chlorophyll’s chemical compound resembles that of human blood. The only difference is human blood is centered around iron and chlorophyll is centered around magnesium. The magnesium present in this compound assists the body’s digestion and elimination processes.

It binds toxins. 

Our bodies are naturally always working to rid themselves of toxins. However, drinking chlorophyll can actually compliment the bodies natural functions by binding toxins which essentially makes it easier for the removal of them altogether.

While it seems like just another trendy "healer," we stand behind the benefits of drinking chlorophyll and add it to our water once per day.  Necessary?  No, but as you can see, it can only help.  Just ask your grandmother.