The Latest Skincare Gadgets We're Loving

Who needs the spa?

As we go through new product mailings, we keep products that intrigue or impress us to the side and begin creating categories for round ups like these.  Lately, we've received a ton of cool tech-y skincare gadgets that range from $20 - $160 and promise to help reduce the appearance of crows feet, keep your tweezers in check and even act as well as a derma-planing facial.  Check them out.

dr. dennis spectralite.jpg

Dr. Dennis Gross SpectraLite EyeCare Pro

$159 at

We’ve all heard the infamous phrase, “age is nothing but a number.” While we totally agree, our fine lines and dark circles sometimes say otherwise. However, luckily for us, the Dr. Dennis Gross SpectraLite EyeCare Pro is a quick and easy beauty tool that utilizes therapeutic light to stimulate the natural production of collagen and reverse these signs of aging. 

dermaflash 2.0.jpg

DermaFlash 2.0 Luxe

$189 at

If you’re feeling like your skin is looking a little dull, DermaFlash 2.0 Luxe is your answer.  It seems everyone is obsessed with derma-planing facials and this is literally at-home derma-planing.  It gently exfoliates to remove the top layer of dead skin and peach fuzz (which is awesome).  We found our makeup goes on so much smoother without those baby hairs and skincare products absorb better on clean skin.

Tweezerman Tool Mates

tweezerman toolmates.jpg

$30 at

Do you find yourself constantly misplacing your brow tools in the midst of your, let’s be honest, probably overcrowded makeup storage drawers? Yeah, us too. Fortunately, the new Tweezerman Tool Mates keeps all of your eyebrow essentials in one place conveniently packaged in a petite sized magnetic stand. It includes a slant tweezer, point tweezer, and brow razor for the maintenance and upkeep of beautiful brows.

poof acne treatment.jpg

ReVive Poof Acne Treatment Light Therapy

$19.99 at

Whenever you begin to feel the makings of a pimple occurring, this ReVive Acne Light Therapy treatment will make your pimple poof before it even gets a chance to appear. This FDA cleared tool destroys acne causing bacteria in just three minutes with its medical grade LED lights, ultimately zapping away those pesky impurities.


TriAngle Facial Beauty Tool by Nurse Jamie

$159 at

triangle nurse jaime.jpg

Nothing yells #selfcare more than guiltlessly treating yourself to a massage every day. We love to do so with this facial massaging tool that enhances the radiance and firmness of your skin. You can use this tool in tandem with any of your favorite moisturizers or serums to target every part of your face ensuring optimal efficiency and absorption of your skin products.