5 Things You Should Never Say (or Do) to A Pregnant Woman

Boundaries, people!


Once I started showing, I realized that society doesn't know how to appropriately act around pregnant women.  There have been many times where I felt extremely uncomfortable because of somebody else's words or actions.  So here are the top five things never to say or do to a pregnant woman.  Read and pass on!

Don't comment on the size of the bump. 

Hearing things like, "cute bump" or "you're showing!" isn't quite as bad as hearing, "you got big," but the same rules apply.  Just don't comment on the size of a pregnant woman's bump.  Trust me, we're aware.  It's really unnecessary and you don't know how that person is feeling or what they're going through.  When asked, "How far along are you?" and then commenting, it's even worse - as if you're analyzing it.  Even though you may think your comments are harmless, remember they might not be.  It's best not to say anything at all.

Never (ever!) try to touch the bump.

There's nothing more irritating to me than when someone attempts to put their hands on my stomach and I'm sure other pregnant women would agree.  It's still my body!  This has happened with friends and strangers alike and personally, I don't feel comfortable with anyone grabbing or petting me.  

There's no need to treat us like we're disabled.

Sure, giving up your seat on the subway when you see a pregnant woman is common courtesy.  It is a lot of weight to carry around!  However, please don't treat us like we're disabled.  I also find it a bit offensive when people question my workout regimen as if I'm doing something wrong.  Who are you to judge?  We have doctors who act as our advisors.

Don't forget we're more than pregnant.

Yes, having a baby is such a blessing, but it doesn't have to be all we talk about now.  Remember we have careers, hobbies, a social life and other successes in our lives that are still happening.  

Skip stating obvious struggles.

When people find out that I'm due in August I hear, "Ugh, pregnant during the summer!  That's the worst!"  And when I tell people I can't wait for her to be here they typically say, "Yea, just wait.  Get your sleep now!"  I always just smirk and reply with an awkward laugh.  

Everyone has such different experiences mentally and physically during pregnancy, so just be mindful.  Also, you have no idea what that person might have gone through before she proudly announced she was having a happy, healthy baby. 

I always grew up thinking that getting pregnant and going through pregnancy was supposed to be a natural, easy thing, but have learned otherwise.  It can also be complicated, scary and extremely emotional.