What to Expect During A Prenatal Massage

I was so nervous!

At 18 weeks, I went to book a massage and then realized I could no longer lay flat on my stomach and that it was time to book the prenatal.  I immediately got nervous and began Googling how prenatal massages are done.  I was intimidated to feel uncomfortable on the table with my changing body and didn't want to put myself in an awkward position.  Here's everything I learned from my first prenatal massage. 

No matter how far along you are in your pregnancy, you should tell your massage therapist you're expecting, but after 10 weeks, it's time to start booking prenatal.  After learning online that prenatal massages can be done in several ways, I knew which way would make me feel the most comfortable and found a therapist who performed as such. 


In the way I opted for, you lay on your side the entire time and hug a body pillow, wrapping your top leg and arm over the pillow while under blankets.  It was extremely comfortable for my stomach and encouraged me order a body pillow for my at-home bed.  My head was on another pillow and eyes were covered by a sleep mask.  The masseuse focused on my back, shoulders, neck, top leg and arm and then switched sides.


In the way I opted out of, you lay face down, but the masseuse puts a donut-like pillow under your stomach so there's no pressure on it and another donut-like pillow underneath your breasts so they don't get squished either.  Another option with the same idea is the bed like to the left...

Besides the positioning of the body, the only things masseuses aren't allowed to do during a prenatal massage is put a lot of pressure on your lower back (seems obvious) and touch certain trigger points on your feet, because they induce labor.  My masseuse skipped my feet all together saying she would rather not risk it.  

I will say that some prenatal massages include the belly - yes, belly rubs.  I personally don't feel comfortable when someone touches my stomach (see post here) so I always opt out.  

I'm 31 weeks pregnant now and have been getting prenatal massages regularly at Health in Hands Spa in Hoboken, NJ.  Besides helping my backaches (it's getting bad!), they also help me sleep.