Why You Should Create 10 Paradigms for Life

They’re essential in finding joy.

“Paradigms help you to see the circumstances of your life through a lens of empowerment and positivity.
— Stacey Brass-Russel

Recently in a yoga workshop with, Stacey Brass-Russell, a Certified Health & Life Coach, she mentioned the idea of creating “10 Paradigms for Teaching Yoga.” I loved it. Writing my 10 standards allowed me to clearly see where my teaching values lied and I thought, everyone should do this – for life. Therefore, I spoke with Stacey about the value of creating “10 Paradigms for Life” and with the turn of the new year, now is a perfect time to get out your journal and tune in. Here’s the deal…

“It’s a way of establishing a set of principles or guidelines for how we want to be showing up in any area of our lives.  We are always going be challenged by external forces or by difficulties that naturally arise in life.  It’s easy to just react or respond in a way that doesn’t feel in alignment with who we want to be,” Stacey explains.  “Paradigms help you to see the circumstances of your life through a lens of empowerment and positivity.  And I don’t mean a false or fake positivity!  What I mean is that we GET to decide the meaning we want to make of our experiences and it is helpful to have a way of doing that.”

On of Stacey’s favorites is, “Everything is happening FOR me, not TO me.”  While I created my 10 paradigms as a yoga teacher, I’m currently working on my 10 paradigms for life along with my new vision board to create a loose roadmap for 2019 and beyond. I’m a very visual person so writing these out and displaying them on my desk will be helpful to me.

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“The beauty of creating a set of paradigms for oneself is that it can evolve with you as you discover more about yourself and your relationship to the universe,” Stacey comments. Just like my vision board is constantly evolving (I’ve had one for years!), I’m sure these will as well.   So think about it. What are the standards you hold yourself to?