Meet Our Jimi Thing

Yes, I’m a cat person, but look at this face!


If you’ve been following me on Instagram, then you already saw the new addition to our family, Jimi! We rescued him at 11-weeks old from a shelter in CT, who rescued him from a kill shelter in South Carolina. He’s mostly black lab, but also a mix of terrier and pit. To say we love him is an understatement!

Jimi came into our life at the right time and I truly believe in animal therapy. It works for me. Whether I’m volunteering at the shelter, fostering kittens or taking care of my own two cats and dog, it’s equally as comforting as it is rewarding. I love that Jimi is now my little buddy and unlike my cats, I can actually take him places. He’s a very sweet bundle of joy.

Joe and I took about a day to name him and out of all of the names we were throwing around, Jimi just fit. (Joe likes to spell it Jimmy.) “Jimi Thing” is one of my all time favorite songs from my all time favorite band, the Dave Matthews Band. I didn’t know this, but when we named him and I looked into the lyrics to the song, they couldn’t have been more fitting.

According to the ever-so-trusted Urban Dictionary:

Jimi Thing: (n) Something that helps you relax and pass the time. Although some Dave Matthews Band lyrics are open to interpretation, a 'Jimi Thing' in the context of the song refers to some kind of mind altering substance that helps you relax and get through a dull time.

He’s the drug of unconditional love!

You can listen to Jimi Thing here!