10 Reasons to Become A Barre Babe

...because summer bodies are made in the winter


You guys know how much I love The Bar Method and I'm psyched to start the new year putting 100% into my classes.  After all, summer bodies are made in the winter.  Throughout my Bar Method Fitness Series, you'll find info on breathing for flatter abs, proper form and the importance of stretching for leaner muscles.  Here, I sum it all up by giving you my top 10 reasons to get involved.

1. You find muscles you never knew you had

2. You learn how to use your breath to work your abs and begin do to it everywhere (including the subway).

3. You truly master planking and realize you can hold it longer than you ever thought.

4. You grow an inch or two taller simply because you now have the posture of a ballerina.

5. You belong to a community of like-minded, Lululemon fanatics and make actual friends.

6. You realize 3 lb. weights are the heaviest things you'll ever have to lift to get results.

7. You build serious strength.

8. You eventually conquer that split you never thought was possible.  (Even if it's only on one side.)

9. Your focused attention in class acts as a mediation and you leave feeling upbeat and less stressed.

10. You lose inches, literally through tightening up without bulking up.

What do you think?  Ready to join me at the barre? 

The Bar Method is running a January special – $50 for four weeks of unlimited classes.