I Tried Sakara Life's Food Delivery Service and Am Obsessed

If you can swing it, I'd highly recommend it!

If you haven't heard of Sakara Life yet, let me introduce you.  The plant-based meal delivery service encourages a lifestyle that goes way beyond food – think physical, mental and spiritual enhancement.  After trying the service out for a few weeks, I have to tell you, I can't contain my excitement each time it shows up at my doorstep.  And when I finish a meal, I legit get upset that it's gone.  The food is that good.  


Sakara Life offers the option of ordering meals for three or five days per week, and with that you can order breakfast, lunch and dinner each day or choose just what you need.  Since I love making my morning smoothies, I've been skipping on the breakfast option and ordering three lunches and dinners per week (some weeks just lunches).  The first two days (Monday and Tuesday) show up at my doorstep together early on Monday mornings and my Wednesday delivery comes early Wednesday morning.  The delivery service is reliable and couldn't be more convenient.  The food comes packaged well in a cooler with ice packs and always includes a few sachets of Sakara Life's Detox Tea as well as their Beauty + Detox Water Concentrates.  The first delivery I got also included a starter kit with Palo Santo, a guide book to living the Sakara lifestyle, some goodies from their Clean Boutique, and a branded tote bag.


Fresh, fresh, fresh!  The plant-based and gluten free meals are made with high-quality organic ingredients that are meant to do nothing but fuel and nourish your body.  I swear, the meals are so good they taste gourmet.

Portion Size

I was skeptical about what the portion size was going to be like since it's a very healthy meal delivery service.  AKA I thought I was going to starve, but I'm happy to report that the meals are big!  The portion sizes are more than enough to keep me feeling satisfied and full and they're not even stingy on the condiments.  


Of course everything comes with a price tag and when talking about a super healthy, convenient meal delivery service it's not going to be cheap.  My three days of lunch and dinner costs $159.  Three days of just lunches comes out to $89, making each salad or entree over $20.  When ordering like that for a month, things can begin to get pretty pricey.   I've been fortunate to have partnered with Sakara Life and have been receiving my meals comped for editorial review.  Do I think it's worth it?  Absolutely.  If you can find a way to balance your budget making food a priority.  Truth is though that I personally wouldn't be able to continue doing this if it weren't comped.

Good news!  I have a code for you for $50 off your first order!