I Started Eating According to My Dosha Type and Here's What Happened

Game changing.

This summer during a visit to Canyon Ranch, I met with a nutritionist who introduced me to the idea of eating for your dosha type.  As a yogi, I was famliar with my dosha type (Vata-Pitta) and the chacteristics, but never really looked into lifestyle decisions I should be making because of it.  Now, I practice living according to the needs of my dosha type in order to feel my best.  Here's why.

kale and lentil soup c/o my husband :)

kale and lentil soup c/o my husband :)

If you're not familiar with dosha types, then allow me to explain.  According to Ayurveda, an Eastern practice focused on  he five elements (ether, air, fire, water & Earth) that offers pathways to optimal health through finding balance between your mind, body and environment, there are three dosha types (Vata, Pitta and Kapha).  By identifying your dominate dosha or doshas, through a quiz about your emotional, physical and mental characteristics, you can find out how to properly eat (amongst other things) in order to feel your best.   The Chopra Center offers a simple quiz to help you discover your dosha type.

I visited nutritionist, Judy Deutsch, MS, RD, LDN, to try to pin-point why I became extremely bloated after each meal this past summer.  I was trying to identify the cause myself by journaling what I was eating and paying attention to ingredients, but the only consistency I could find (even as a health coach) was food in general.  As a vegan, she identified that my summertime diet has consisted of eating mostly 'cold foods’ like salads, acaí bowls and smoothies.  According to my dosha type, I’m supposed to be consuming warming foods like soup, tea, ginger, cooked vegetables, beans and rices.

When she mentioned that my dosha was imbalanced, my mind was blown that it could be the reason for my bloating.  I was immediately intrigued and began eating for my dosha type immediately and haven’t had the extreme bloating since.  I still drink smoothies and eat salads regularly, but I make sure to include something hot with the same meal.  For example, I drink tea before having a smoothie and often compliment my salads and other cold meals with a small soup.

I'd encourage you to find out your dosha type or types and look into the lifestyle recommendations offered.  I'm going to do another post including an interview with Deutsch, so stay tuned.