Everything You're Wondering About The Bar Method Answered

an interview with the Hoboken studio founders

Since doing this fitness column about The Bar Method, a lot of you have been asking common questions about the class, so I thought I'd do a post to answer them. Founders of the Hoboken studio, Lucia Almeida-Oliveira and Melissa Opsahl took the time to fill me in.  Here, find out how long it takes to begin noticing results, truths about muscle bulking and how to integrate the practice into your fitness routine.


How long until you'll see changes in the shapes of your muscles with The Bar Method?

While this does depend on how often a student is attending class, but typically 3-4 months before someone starts to see changes in muscle shapes.  If you're coming to class a minimum of 3 times a week, you could see changes faster.  The muscles that typically change shape first are biceps and quads.  So keep your motions small, focus on your form, and the change will 100% come!

How many classes per week should someone come to class in order to see change?

We suggest that all of our clients go to class 3-5 times a week in order to see their body change the fastest.  This will also allow their bodies adjust quicker to the small range of motions made in class.  

Is muscle bulking common?  What to do about it?

Mostly these comments come from students who are doing strength work for the first time.  They are, as they say, “surprised to see muscles I didn’t know I had.” They are clearly acquiring some muscle definition. But are they bulking up? In the long term, no. After six-to-twelve months of classes, most of them will have lost a few inches around their hips and waist and have gone down a few pant sizes.  So, in short term yes, it's possible, but after a few months, your body will start to shrink down. Hang in there!

How does the Bar Method enhance other forms of workouts, like running?

The Bar Method is an excellent complement to other workouts such as running, kickboxing, or yoga because of its focus on posture, strength, and mobility. It makes your body capable of improved performance because your muscles are in better repair, and your body is more properly aligned.  To all cardio junkies out there, sweating doesn't necessarily mean muscle change! The Bar Method is a great addition to your practice as it'll add in strength work, is a complete full-body workout, and keep you burning calories all day long!