Barre Instructors Dish: How The Bar Method Changed Their Lives

Meet the Bar Method Hoboken team!

Bar Method just celebrated their 16 year anniversary, but I've only been taking class (religiously) for two of them.  During that short time, I've been inspired, made new friends and learned the technique that keeps my muscles lean and toned.  The community alone at The Bar Method Hoboken is reason enough to go daily.  Meet the ten teachers who encourage me to "get lower" and tuck with purpose.


Melissa Opsahl



Practicing Bar Method for over 7 years, teaching for over 3 years.

It for sure brought me out of my comfort zone right away!  It allows me to mentally and physically challenge my clients in class, and at the same time, myself.  I teach class the way I like to take class- get in, kick butt, then leave feeling empowered!  I feel so lucky to be able to do what I love, and I have an amazing team of women standing with me!

Lucia Almeida-Oliveira



Practicing Bar Method for over 8 years, teaching for over 3 years.

Since becoming a Bar Method teacher it definitely has given me confidence in myself.  It really made me step out of my comfort zone and pushed me to another level that I thought I couldn’t do physically or mentally.  It made me believe that you can do anything you want to do if you put your heart, soul, and mind into it.  It has been such a humbling experience, and I’m so grateful to be part of this empowering community and have such an amazing team!  

Jennifer Birnbaum



Practicing Bar Method for over 4 years, teaching for over 1.5 years.

Bar Method has made a tremendous impact on my life both physically and mentally. I trained while I was planning my wedding; as I learned the ins and outs of each exercise, I was simultaneously able to improve my own practice. Looking back on the physical strength I’ve gained since starting at Bar Method, I was so proud of how my back looked in my wedding dress… I give Bar Method (and countless lat pulls) a lot of credit! Mentally, learning to speak in front of a large group has given me a sense of composure that I take outside the studio. I’m more confident at work, and I’m able to quickly adapt to unforeseen situations. These are just a few things, but I could go on and on.

Marisa Sgroi



Practicing Bar Method for 7 years, teaching for 3 years.

Being a Bar Method teacher has changed my life because I love being able to motivate and inspire and connect with this community of amazing women. Plus, the headset makes me feel like Britney Spears.

Kate Albers



Practicing Bar Method for 2 years, teaching for 1.5 years.

I've always been an outgoing person so I didn't think that I would be intimidated the first time I stood in front of a class and attempted to lead them in warm up - and I was so wrong. It was a huge wake-up call for me to realize how in over my head I felt. There were so many rules and safety guidelines to remember and 20+ people staring at me. But I did it because I really had no choice at that point - and once I pushed myself past that stage in training I started to love being up there. It's definitely made me more confident in all aspects of my life and my full-time job as well. On top of that I always say that my favorite thing about teaching is that no matter what kind of day I'm having when I'm in front of the class I force myself to smile the entire time - I ALWAYS leave feeling happier then I came in, so teaching always improves my day as I hope it improves my students! 

Joy Nastasi



Practicing Bar Method for 1.5 years, teaching since May 2017.

Bar has changed my life in more ways than I thought possible. It has made me stronger both physically and mentally. The process of becoming a teacher was long and rigorous, but entirely worth it. I love being able to come to the studio and empower clients during class. I feel stronger knowing I am helping clients become stronger. I love the look on a clients face when they receive a compliment or correction and then understand the benefit to the exercise. The Bar team in Hoboken has made this process the best possible. They are caring and critical all at the same time. They expect the best and help you achieve your potential as a teacher. For me personally, becoming a teacher has helped me expect more out of myself. Before becoming a Bar Method teacher I had my daily routine that rarely changed. Since becoming a teacher, my standards for my life and myself have changed for the better. I expect more out of my days and because of Bar I work harder to achieve my goals. I couldn't imagine my life without the Bar Method in it and I consider myself really lucky to have had the opportunity to become a teacher!

Alex Simpson



Practicing Bar Method for 2 years, teaching for 1 year.

Since I started teaching, it has given me a new found confidence in myself as to who I am as a person. I've never felt better about myself and where I'm at in my life. The community at the Bar Method pushes all of us to be our healthiest physically and emotionally, and I am proud to be a part of it.

Sara Whipple



Practicing Bar Method for 5 years, teaching for 3 years.

I took my first Bar Method class at the studio close to where I grew up in January 2012 (hey Shrewsbury!), became a regular at the studio near my office in March 2013 (hey Ridgewood!), and went through training to become an instructor in August 2014 (hey Hoboken!) -- all in I've been practicing for 5 years and teaching for 3 years :)

Bar Method has always meant so much more to me than just "where I go to the gym." Bar Method helped me turn the negative voice in my head to a positive one, and I don't mean only during the last 20 counts in thigh (though that helps too!), but honestly in all other aspects of my life. It really helps challenge you to believe that yes, you can do anything you set your mind to. Now as an instructor, I can help others work to achieve that feeling and it brings value to my life every single day. Not to mention along my journey I have met so many amazing people, lifelong friends, mentors, and I've probably lost ~20 lbs..can't complain about that!  

Marissa “Missy” Addalia



Practicing Bar Method for 6 years, teaching for 1 year. 

Being a teacher has connected me to a group of really special ladies -- this staff is like an extended family and I have gained some amazing new friends through this experience.  It is also an important commitment to myself, my fellow teachers, and our client community to continue my passion for taking classes and taking care of myself.  The teacher's journey is a whole new reason to focus on form and precision in class and there is always something new to learn - with or without the mic on.


Nikki Rothman


Practicing and teaching Bar Method for 2 years in October.

It's opened me up to a community of truly empowering women. It's been amazing to be surrounded by women who are dedicated to having a healthy and holistic lifestyle that want to have it all. This makes it so easy to get up in the morning and give them whatever they need in a class.