A True Barre Babe: Why It Works Series


If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I'm fitness obsessed.  Working out, whether I'm in a yoga or barre class, is a form of meditation to me.  When the Bar Method opened in Hoboken two years ago, I found myself immediately addicted and began attending classes four to five times per week.  As someone who, loves to focus on technique, the isolated movements work for my mind and body.  Bar Method is always my answer when people ask me why my arms are so toned. Fast forward to today, and I'm proud to announce that I'll be partnering with the Bar Method Hoboken to bring you barre inspired, monthly fitness tips.  


When the Hoboken studio first opened, I covered the class in my "Fit Test" series, which you can read here.  The studio is run by Lucia and Melissa and teachers are just as motivating as they are inspiring.  I love going to class each morning, because the community is full of friendly women who exude positive energy.  

This month, Bar Method Hoboken is celebrating their two year anniversary (I can't even tell you how many classes I've taken over the course two years!) and will be celebrating with an anniversary party on Saturday, June 17 with like-minded vendors and an in-class DJ.  Live by Hoboken and interested in checking out the hype?  They have a special for a month of unlimited barre classes for $99.  

Keep your eye out for my new monthly "Why It Works" column inspired by Bar Method.  Did you know that breathing alone can help to tone your abs?  I'll explain next month!

What types of barre inspired fitness tips are you interested in learning about?