5 Benefits of Drinking Aloe Vera

There is a new juice in town cleansing us from the inside out. 

When we think of aloe vera, the first thing that comes to mind is the plant’s power to soothe our skin after we’ve spent too much in the sun. That is just one of many health benefits our body gets from the medical plant. Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, aloe vera can turn your body health around by just one drink. 

Aloe vera juice benefits range from the external—as a skin treatment—to the internal—like oxygenating the body and maintaining a good immune system. Working its magic from the inside, aloe vera has the power to improve our health by aiding the body in a number of ways.

“Research has shown time and time again that those who have aloe vera in their system enjoy better oxygen transportation throughout the body,” explains celebrity nutritionist, Dr. Daryl Gioffre. “This helps the cardiovascular system, including the heart as well as other organs in the body. For this reason, aloe vera should be consumed as a drink, which will help remove toxic elements from the body.

 “It is very effective in detoxifying your bowels, which improves absorption of food, elimination, and an overall feeling of energy to the body because the body is absorbing more nutrients that promote better function,” says Dr. Gioffre. He recommends no more than 2-4 ounces of fresh aloe vera (mixed with water or low sugar fresh juice) daily, on an empty stomach, and in small quantities, drinking slowly. 

Aloe is rich in antioxidants, which help your skin cells protect against skin-damaging free radicals in the environment (sun, smoke, etc).


Many diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Chrohn’s and diverticulitis are caused by inflammation. Aloe vera provides the body with plant steroids such as Campesterol, Lupeol and ß-Sitosterol, which inhibit the inflammation process.  Dr. Gioffre notes that, “Aloe vera can reduce inflammation of the tissue and joints, helping anyone dealing with arthritis or joint pain.”


Consumption of aloe vera juice can be successful in lowering blood cholesterol. Dr. Gioffre explains that the plant’s soluble fiber absorbs toxins, sugar, cholesterol, and inflammatory fats. “Once these particles bond with the soluble fiber, the fiber begins to swell, which prevents these toxic particles from entering the bloodstream,” he says. Thereby, preventing cholesterol buildup and plaquing.


When you’re feeling a bit under the weather, consider sipping some aloe vera juice. Drinking aloe vera helps maintain a healthy acid-alkaline balance, which boosts immunity. Not only that, but it also strengthens your immune system because of the antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids the plant carries that’ll help detoxify the body.


There are a number of ways that aloe vera betters your digestive system. For one, the same soothing effect the plant has on your sunburn applies on the inside of the body by soothing the stomach lining and intestines. “Essentially, aloe vera is incredibly effective at managing digestion and helping regularity in much the same way as fiber,” explains Dr. Gioffre. Aloe vera facilitates the movement of food particles through the digestive tract and promotes their faster elimination. Thereby, helping with issues such as heartburn, lining of the gut, constipation, and reduce acidity in the blood.


According to Dr. Gioffre, “Aloe is rich in antioxidants, which help your skin cells protect against skin-damaging free radicals in the environment (sun, smoke, etc).” Although aloe vera gel helps the skin externally, consuming aloe vera juice help skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne, eczema, dermatitis. Packed with powerful minerals and vitamins, when ingested, aloe vera promotes stronger and healthier skin as well as hair and nails.