Benefits of Drinking Pure Salt Water

Detoxing isn't the only reason.

SOLE, salt water made with super concentrated HIMALAYAN PINK SALt, IS known for it's detoxing properties. However, drinking it daily can also HELP WITH DIGESTION and SLEEP DEPRIVATION. Here's why you should get involved.


Making the concoction is easy.  Simply add Himalayan pink salt into a cup of water to the point where it doesn't dissolve anymore.  We recommend making it at night so the salt has time to fully dissolve by the morning and drinking it before breakfast.  The natural salt is made with about 84 minerals and does a body good.  Here's how:

1)    Hydration

With its 84 minerals being so small, they can pass into your individual cells, turning them immediately into energy. According to clinical and holistic nutritionist Stacy Roy, when drinking sole, the mixture triggers the body to retain fluids, keeping it hydrated.

2)    Sleep

By drinking sole, not only can it help you stay more soundly in your sleep cycle but it also keeps you from having to get up in the middle of night to use the restroom.

3)    Skin, Hair and Nails

Roy affirms that sole has minerals such as sulfur, iodine, zinc, chromium, magnesium, potassium, and calcium, which are extremely nourishing for your skin, hair and nails.

4)    Energy

Since sole naturally encourages your body to stay hydrated, you’ll have more energy through the day. Even better, Roy says that the salty drink helps balance your blood sugar without tempting you to grab a candy bar.