Strong is My New Skinny

strong, fit & flexible


It's been a year since I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training at YogaWorks and I am still so grateful that I had the opportunity to take it on.  It was by far, the best personal growth opportunity I've ever had.  I've never been stronger than I am today and have never felt more comfortable in my own skin.   Besides teaching, my practice has drastically changed.  Here's how:

My asana practice (movement) has turned into a dance of grace and strength, which I’m now completely addicted to.

As someone who's been in and out of a yoga studio all of my life (mostly to compliment my dance classes), I've only been practicing consistently for about three years now.  Learning alignment and how to make muscle engagement work cohesively with and conflict against my flexibility has been an exploration of my body that I didn't even know could exist.  My asana practice (movement) has turned into a dance of grace and strength, which I'm now completely addicted to.  I've realized how amazing and complex the human body is and appreciate all it does for me, therefore I've been better able to accept it as it is.  I finally understand that the weight I placed on the pressure to just be skinny is foolish.  The game is about being fit and being able to understand how to use your body in order to feel your absolute best.

Then and Now

Besides the asana practice, the practice of yoga (being in the now) in my everyday life is now apparent to anyone who knows me.   Throughout the years, I've become much more mindful and in turn, more compassionate and peaceful.  I've also noticed that I've become more responsive instead of reactive, which is something that's not easy for a woman who suffers from anxiety.  Staying connected to the present moment is always a challenge, but a challenge I've taken on and remind myself of everyday. 

As far as teaching goes, I was fortunate enough to jump into an apprenticeship at Devotion Yoga in Hoboken immediately following my training.  As an apprentice, I was able to start teaching classes right away and had a mentor, that I've looked up to since moving to Hoboken, who helped me navigate the classroom.  While I fully understood alignment and how to properly sequence classes after my training, I wasn't yet comfortable commanding a room and teaching the practice. Fast forward to today, I've taught classes at several locations and even had partnerships in teaching with Athleta and Lululemon.  Currently, I have a weekly class on Saturday mornings at Pavana Yoga and actively sub at Devotion.  Teaching isn't something I want to do full time, since I love the career I've built in beauty journalism, but I love having the ability to offer others what my teachers have offered me – a practice that helps them feel their best inside and out.

Then and Now