Energy Boosting Yoga Poses

The best part... they can be done anywhere.

Whether it's beating the 4 o'clock slump or just trying to wake up, I'm sure you can use an energy boost at some point during your day,  Believe it or not, I don't drink coffee.  After eliminating caffeine a few years ago in order to help keep my migraines at bay (see article here) I've taken to new techniques to boost my energy.  Here are yoga poses that really work.


Simple backbends like cat/cow or camel pose help to elongate the spine, stimulate the nervous system and energize the body and mind.  Start your morning off by working out the kinks before hopping into the shower. or if you're hunched over a computer all day, simply take a few minutes at your desk to do a seated cat/cow. 

Yoga poses draw energy into the body the way a shot of espresso helps you get through an afternoon slump.

Start by clasping your hands and stretching your arms over your head.  Then on an inhale, arch your back by lifting your chest up and back and flipping your tail bone up (cow).  Following your breath on an exhale, round the spine drawing your hip points and shoulders towards your belly button (like an angry cat).  Allow your arms to move back and then forward with your shoulders.  Focus on moving with the breath for five to ten rounds as an afternoon pick-me-up.